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November 5, 2006

the single most important thing I’ll be working on in the foresseable future

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yael and daddy

November 3, 2006

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01/11/06 – on the Linux front, worked on two patches: a cleanup patch for Laurent’s excellent calgary-locate-bbars patch and a patch to recognize CalIOC2, the follow on chip to Calgary, which is mostly compatible. Other than that, the Other Project kept me busy.

02/11/06 – Messed with git and hg. I’ve given up on `hg email’ for sending kernel patches, but git-send-email works just fine once you get past the idiosyncrasies. Submitted the latest Calgary patchset to Andi Kleen, who promptly went and applied it to his tree. Woot 馃檪 It includes the calgary-locate-bbars patches and a patch to make it possible to compile Calgary in but not use it by default, which is mostly useful for the distros.

03/11/06 – Weekend! didn’t get any work done, unless writing this counts as work 馃檪

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