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August 2, 2003

OLS summary

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So, people have been asking me how OLS was, and I usually reply with “it was different than what I expected. Not good different and not bad different, just … different.”

OLS showed me a few things that needed showing, or at least reminding. It showed me that Orna and I are drifting on differnt paths. It showed me that talking about code is not enough, you have to actually write some, too (as if I didn’t know that… just needed reminding, I guess). It showed me that it’s all about what you know and what you do with it. Just knowledge is not enough, and just churning out code is not enough either. It also showed me how important people are, and that I badly need to work on my people skills. Funny conclusion from a hacker conference, isn’t it?

I’m very happy that I made it this year, and will definitely make it next year, regardless of who’s paying (this year, work did, and I highly appreciate it!). Long live OLS!

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