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August 11, 2003

Linux Kernel Overview talk

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I gave an overview talk on the Linux kernel at work today for a departmental seminar. Lots of people showed up, there were some good questions, and I *think* no one fell asleep 😉

Slides are available here in PDF and


  1. Looks like an interesting lecture. I had fun reading the slides.
    What is “Q, A, M and T”? especially the M and the T.

    Comment by shapirac — August 11, 2003 @ 7:28 AM | Reply

    • Questions, Answers,
      … Money and Tomatos 🙂

      Comment by mulix — August 11, 2003 @ 7:33 AM | Reply

  2. Good ol’ Perens
    This article is highly amusing.

    Comment by 77azkkr — August 19, 2003 @ 1:47 PM | Reply

    • Re: Good ol’ Perens
      Have you seen Linus’s response?

      “He’s lying”. That’s Linus for you!

      Comment by mulix — August 19, 2003 @ 11:51 PM | Reply

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