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August 21, 2003

devfs, Haifux birthday meeting, OLS talk and syscalltrack hacking

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[as a side note, I think this is the first time I’ve used ‘happy’ as my lj-mood. Point to ponder…]

[written yesterday, but lj wasn’t answering so posted only now]

On Monday evening, we had a Haifux meeting on real time programming and real time Linux. Iftach Hyams gave the talk, which was quite good. The only blemish was that some of the audience members would not shut up. No matter what Iftach said, some smartass would have a comment. Occasionally (very occasionally) it was even relevant, but 90% of the times it was completely out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good discussion as much as the next person, but this wasn’t discussion, it was “I’m smarter / more knowledgeable / more experienced than the lecturer” types of comments. I don’t care if you are, have some courtesy and SHUT UP. That means you, Shachar R!

After the talk about 20 people headed out to our favorite restaurant, Spargo. We stayed at Spargo until around midnight, discussing the usual geeky things discussed at these outings. Best line was undoubtedly by the venerable Emil D:

“SMP – SCO Multi Processing”[0]

I couldn’t stop laughing after that one.

On Tuesday, I gave a talk to the kernel study group at work on my impressions from OLS 2003. I talked about shared page tables in some detail, went over Rusty’s keynote and mentioned PGCL, Dave Jones’s resurrecting drivers talk and the several other talks. About 25 people attended, and most of them seemed interested, or at least awake. I’m trying to revive the kernel study group at work and it looks like my efforts are starting to bear fruit.

Last night, I wrote a short document on the design and implementation of syscalltrack’s system call hijacking in kernel 2.4. This is the first of two documents, the second of which will discuss system call hijacking in kernel 2.6, and will be written by the guys from TAU doing their summer project on syscalltrack, with my help.

[0] Caldera, which is today known as SCO, send Alan Cox the hardware used to write to initial SMP support for Linux. Curious how the wheel turns.

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