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August 27, 2003

syscalltrack meeting and work

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[Tuesday evening]

On Saturday, David and Lior from eddiea’s Linux Development Workshop came by and we talked about syscalltrack for a few hours. I explained in excruciating details the details of syscall hijacking in kernel 2.4, and they asked many good questions. This week they are writing a design document on their project, porting syscalltrack to kernel 2.6, and next week work should actually begin.

In the evening, I spent a few hours hacking on the code, fixing various issues that showed up when we went over the code in the morning. I think I fixed a long standing SMP race, where the actual syscall hijack was not being done atomically (plain assignment, as opposed to xchg()). Need to get a hold of an SMP machine to test, but theoretically, I’m happy.

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