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August 30, 2003

2nd time in a week!

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  1. 2nd time in a geek?
    I do not believe in time. I mean, it does probably change with mass, or speed, or something.
    For example, when I spent a week in Prague, time flew like an arrow. However, the very next week I was ill with some ghastly virus. The time… I guess some time advisor pushed his own agenda of cutting mine quota of time’s attention in half … anyway, the time crawled that time like a wounded eel. Definitely, the (relative) speed of time depends in some baroque way on quality of local bier, or maybe on the expectancy of finding a wovel inside a czech word.
    Oh, I had frayed somewhat from the subject. Anyway, being a geek, or maybe a former geek, I participated in “generation” questionaire as well. Two times (oh, this time the time was pretty annoyed, I guess. Well, next time…), Two times in a row I did the quiz, answering, of course, without any relation to my opinions (which, in turn bear no relation to my views.)
    Well, the results, they …differed. First time I was a ’70s geek, but on the very next occasion, I was promoted to belong to the ’90s. Cool me. Probably the next time I will do the quiz, I”ll end up as a “Future geek”, or “Feek” or sometheek.

    Comment by omerm — September 20, 2003 @ 2:35 PM | Reply

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