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September 6, 2003

packing up is hard to do

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On Friday, we spent the morning packing up ladypine‘s apartment, and mostly rubbing against each other the wrong way. Not fun. We took a welcome break for lunch at Pasto with Gilad and Limor, who are getting married!. Lunch was loads of fun, and afterwards we went by the new apartment and threw away the furniture that needed throwing, including a huge bed. I thought I could get away from lugging heavy furniture, since we’re paying a professional moving company a sizable chunk of our hard earned money, but it was not meant to be. I made on the order of ten trips up and down three flights of stairs, carrying assorted furniture, some with ladypine‘s help and some alone. Eventually, we were all done and came back to my place and collapsed. In the evening we started packing up my place, and eventually Orna fell asleep and I studied a little and read a lot of Harry Potter. Finished it, too. Book review coming up eventually.

Today we took apart Orna’s bedroom and huge wall closet in the morning. Luckily her father helped us, and it only took three hours…

Now I’m taking a break from packing up my apartment. I have so many books, and so many cloths I never wear. I should be taking this opportunity to throw away anything I don’t need, but it’s easier to just dump it all into boxes and sort it out in the new place. “Remember, kids, after a while, the things you own end up owning you”

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