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September 24, 2003

LCA 2004

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Me, yesterday, in an email to friends and colleagues:


My "Design and Implementation of syscalltrack"[0] paper was accepted
to Linux.Conf.Au[1], one of the two top Linux (kernel) conferences in
the world. A victory 'happy happy joy joy' dance will take part as
soon as I finish telling the entire world :-)



----- Forwarded message from lindy (AT) -----

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 18:00:10 +0930
From: lindy (AT)
User-Agent: Mutt/1.4.1i
Subject: Response to LCA2004 CFP Submission

Hello Muli

Firstly let me thank you once again for your CFP submission for
LCA2004 titled "Design and Implementation of syscalltrack" (paper).

After completing a review of all CFP submissions, the CFP Selection
Team are pleased to be able to offer you an invitation to present at


----- End forwarded message -----

More on this later.


  1. Re: Happy Birthday!!
    Congratulations! I won’t be able to join you at LCA, but I hope to go attend the conference next year, or the year after that 🙂 Are you going to release your paper soon? private email? 🙂

    Comment by ideawerkz — September 24, 2003 @ 4:24 AM | Reply

    • LCA 2004
      Oh, the paper isn’t written yet. LCA and OLS accept or reject papers based on the abstracts. Once it’s written, I’ll certainly put it up on the syscalltrack website… draft notices will be sent to the syscalltrack mailing list as well, so if you’re curious enough, feel free to subscribe to the mailing list 😉

      Comment by mulix — September 24, 2003 @ 4:42 AM | Reply

      • Gotcha. Subscribing to the mailing list now.

        Comment by ideawerkz — September 24, 2003 @ 4:44 AM

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