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October 11, 2003

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Last week passed in a kind of blur. Sunday and Monday were Yom Kippur (aka Day of Atonement), and I don’t think I did anything particularly interesting. Homework, and that’s about it. Then, Tuesday through Thursday were insane days at work, where I was working on two fronts simultaneously. On one front, we have a couple of nasty hardware related bugs that we’ve been busting our brains on, so far, to no avail. On the other front, we worked insane hours to develop an idea into a research proposal, which was finally submitted on Thursday night.

If the research proposal gets accepted, I am likely to be doing very interesting Linux kernel memory management things in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’ve also had several interesting talks with people at the lab about free software, open source and Linux. I also agreed to give a talk on User-Mode-Linux memory management to the Linux Study Group in a week’s time.

In the “code for fun” arena, I did a little work on syscalltrack’s kernel 2.6 support (which will resume as soon as I finish updating this journal). In the “almost as fun as coding”, I’ve been helping people on lkml with their bugs and offering constructive(?) criticism of patches where appropriate.

Next week is the Sukkot holiday, and we only work half days. I hereby set myself a goal – fix at least one real kernel bug, preferably related to shpte. Not very ambitious, I know, but that’s all I’ll have time for.

Yesterday I did Mathematical Logic homework in the morning, and then ladypine and me went grocery shopping. Then I went to the office to check my email and see if there was any progress on the hardware related bugs mentioned above (note to self: get the stupid VPN dialer to work on Linux, not having access to work’s network from home is not acceptable anymore). In the evening we went to an excellent restaurant with Nadav, my former flat mate. Much fun was had. Then we went back home and ladypine helped me fathom the Calculus homework. Eventually, Calculus conquered, we went to sleep.

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