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October 13, 2003

Icon update, Haifa Film Festival

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On the ICON front, tomorrow’s outing is canceled due to Orson Scott Card’s event being sold out. Boo, hiss. In the unlikely event one of you has a couple of tickets to spare, let me know.

On the Haifa Film Festival front, we went to see Calendar Girls, which was an amusing, “feel good” flick. You can’t go wrong with British accents and breasts! (In my defense, ladypine picked the movie).

We also bought tickets to see two other movies, on Friday: The first is To Kill a King, a historical piece set in England, 1645. It meshes in nicely with the book I’m reading, Quicksilver, which takes place 15 or so years later. The second, Intolerable Cruelty is the newest Cohen brothers film. The brothers’ reputation precedes them and I have high hopes for this movie.


  1. And this is why we missed the movie altogether, of course…
    I hope next time we have high hopes for a movie, we end up watching it. Of course, this requires knowing exactly when it is on.

    Comment by ladypine — October 23, 2003 @ 9:08 AM | Reply

    • Re: And this is why we missed the movie altogether, of course…
      Well guess what, we just did 🙂

      Comment by mulix — October 24, 2003 @ 5:31 PM | Reply

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