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November 1, 2003

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[written last night]

0300 AM, and I’m sprawled in the living room, watching Eminem’s 8 Mile movie on DVD, sporadically hitting the keys on hydra the faithful laptop. My kingdom for wireless right now. Being offline, even for a minute, feels disconnected. Maybe I’m just afraid of being alone?

I’ve been fascinated with money and the process by which it is accumulated lately. On Sunday, I opened up a 15 years pension fund (Kupat Gemel) for the tax benefits. Today, I signed up on Analyst Online and created a virtual stock portfolio, for training purposes. I invested 30,000 virtual NIS so far, and intend to put in 70,000 virtual NIS more. Investing is real easy when it’s make believe money and there’s no risk involved. So far, after two hours of trading today, my net worth is up 1.72%. Woot! Unfortunately, I can’t attribute it to anything except dumb luck as I don’t know the first thing about the stock market. Orna lent me a book on the subject today and I expect the situation to be rectified by the start of trading on Sunday.

I’ll use this time to catch up on my blogging (can’t believe I said that) backlog. Watch this space!

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