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November 30, 2003

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Since ladypine bought the speaker set, it’s time to live up to my end of the bargain and acquire a digital camera. I’m thinking of a Nikon CoolPix 4300, based on the reasonable price (just under 2K NIS) and Oleg’s favorable impression of the CoolPix 3100.


  1. Canon was at an Apple employee event we had, I was really impressed by the Canon SD10. Pictures don’t do justice to how tiny the camera is (3.6 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches), yet it’s 4 megapixel!

    Comment by twid — November 30, 2003 @ 1:56 PM | Reply

  2. as the proud owner
    of a new nikon 5700.. i’d say go for it! i haven’t even scratched the surface (or read the manual) of what this thing does and the pics are AWESOME.
    anyway, have fun with whatever you get!

    Comment by chromekitten — November 30, 2003 @ 3:43 PM | Reply

    • re : as the proud owner
      I just got my CP 5700 last night and it KICKS ASS. But its still a bit on the pricy side.

      Comment by kalyan — November 30, 2003 @ 5:47 PM | Reply

      • as the proud owner
        true, but as an example of the CP line it’s enough to recommend the rest of ’em LOL
        what made you choose the 5700?

        Comment by chromekitten — November 30, 2003 @ 6:16 PM

      • Well I needed a high end camera to do decent photography. I was debating between 5700 and the new Canon E300 digital SLR. But nikon lens rock and this comes with 8x zoom. Also the canon one has lot of hidden costs and I am not ready to spend more then $1000

        Comment by kalyan — November 30, 2003 @ 9:29 PM

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