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January 5, 2004

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Tomorrow we make the second delivery on our project. Against all odds, we’re actually going to deliver the required functionality, on time. Around 2130, all of the pieces worked together for the first time. Around 2330, I went home since my eyes were getting bleary and I had trouble focusing on the screen. Now I am so tired I can barely type. The rest of today’s happenings will have to wait for tomorrow. Sleep well, gentle reader!

Gilad Ben-Yossef meet RSS. RSS, meet Gilad Ben-Yossef.

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Gilad Ben-Yossef is a funny guy, free software hacker and a friend, not necessarily in this order. His blog is now syndicated as gby. He doesn’t update too often, but when he does, it’s usually a pleasure to read. Maybe he’ll take this as a hint to update more often 😉

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