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January 7, 2004

Introduction to Writing Linux Device Drivers

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I just agreed to give a talk on Writing Linux Device Drivers to students of the Technion’s CS faculty’s OS course. It will be on Wednesday, January 28th, 1030-1230, and you are all invited. If I have to give a talk, I must as well have a friendly audience 😉

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll talk about, yet. My current thinking is to hack the trident sound driver live on stage. Break it in subtle but interesting ways before the talk, and then fix it on stage, explaining the concepts as I go along. Recommendations on which song to play when it finally works will be gladly entertained.

A few days before, on Sunday January 25th, 1430-1630, a guy from MS will give a talk on writing Windows device drivers. I’ll be there, mostly because I’m curious, and partly because I’m curious how he’ll sell writing drivers without access to the code.

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