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January 29, 2004

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laptop porn. I wonder how well this beastie supports linooks?

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Rusty posted a string of hilarious emails from lkml and elsewhere that were shown during the LCA2004 dinner. Recommended reading, provided you’re not drinking anything at the same time…

nighttime musings

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I gave the first run of the “Intro to Linux Device Drivers” talk yesterday to the study group at work, and today to the students of the Technion’s CS faculty’s Operating Systems course. It went quite well yesterday, with lots of audience participation and excellent feedback afterwards. Today it didn’t go quite as well (much tougher crowd…), but I think the objectives were achieved and they have an idea of what writing a driver entails.

After the talk, I went to the office, feeling rather miserable. Had lunch and then gave up and went home, feeling like I’m about to hurl at any moment. Got home and climbed into bed with James Clavell’s Shogun.

It’s one AM now, and I have a backlog of work stuff to take care of before tomorrow. Let me just put on some music and let the fun begin. No more talks for me in the near future! It’s time to write some free software.

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