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March 20, 2004

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Orna thinks this comment is sig worthy, but I don’t know. lj worthy, definitely.

– how do you know a Lisp book is any good? – it has bits of assembler in it.

It has both M68K and a Lisp Machine assembler code, in chapter 10, Low Level Efficiency issues. Highly recommended.


  1. I purchased David S. Touretzky’s “Common LISP: A gentle introduction to symbolic computation” a while ago and must admit that it is a bit low-key. Nothing like simplistic explainations to dull an interesting subject.

    Comment by yrk — March 20, 2004 @ 2:19 PM | Reply

    • eeek, that doesn’t sound too good. I guess that’s one book I won’t be buying.
      I’m really happy with the Norvig book so far. As a matter of fact, I should go read some more now 🙂

      Comment by mulix — March 20, 2004 @ 3:38 PM | Reply

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