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March 24, 2004

good news on the work front

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The good news from work is that I am moving to a new office! my current office, for those not in the know, can best be termed a sardine can. It’s an inner room that used to seat one person fairly comfortably, but now seats two, almost side by side. Not only that, although I share it with a very nice guy, his team members tend to flock around his desk constantly and crow at the core dumps he has displayed on the screen. Sometimes I can ignore them; other times, the noise leads to the eradication of all rational thought. That, obvoiusly, is not productive.

The new office is a corner office, with ample space for two people, and I’ll be sharing it with one of my favorite coworkers. It even has three windows! Quite an upgrade to the working conditions, if I may say so myself. I should get off my butt and buy that digital camera already, so that y’all will be able to agonize over the claustrophobia that is my soon-to-be-former office, and rejoice in the spaciousness that is the new one.

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