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July 23, 2004

OLS day 3 Interim

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Having a great time at OLS, but no time to write up our experiences coherently. Since we’re at day 3 of 4 already, I guess that will wait until I make it to Tucson – assuming I’ll have some free time that is not taken by working on sleeping. I also have over 150 mb’s of photos (mostly from Boston) to put it up on, but I don’t think OLS’s wireless network will survive it.

As an appetizer, here’s my list of writeups waiting to be finished and put up: Boston day 3, wherein we go to various museums and do a duck tour. Boston day 4, wherein we do the freedom trail and suffer the low point of our tour. Boston day 5, wherein we buy many, many books. Then day 6, flying Boston -> OLS, and then OLS.

Talks I’ve been to on OLS day 1: Dan’s Cooperative Linux talk, Jens Axobe’s Block IO – Present and Future, James Bottomley’s Improving Kernel Performance by Unmapping the Page Cache (mindblowing!), LSE BOF, an impromptu virtualization BOF (mindblowing!).

Day 2: Chris Wright’s Linux Virtualization, Rusty’s Linux Kernel CPU Hotplu Support, Dave Hansen’s Memory Hotplug, the SELinux BOF, and the Linuxchix improptu BOF.

Also, lots and lots of interesting discussion. This conference is … mindblowing.

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