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October 19, 2004

Linux kernel books

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No matter how much free information you can find on the net, nothing beats having a good book to curl with. Here are some very good Linux kernel books:

Robert Love’s Linux Kernel Development. This book is an excellent introduction, and covers the 2.6 kernel, unlike most of the rest, which cover 2.4.

Bovet and Cesati’s Understanding the Linux Kernel, 2nd Edition. This one is a very good introduction to the intricacies of the i386 kernel code, and a good overview of the major kernel subsystems.

Alessandro Rubini & Jonathan Corbet’s Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition. This is the classic Linux device drivers book, and is available for free from the above URL. A 3rd edition is in the works.

Mel Gorman‘s Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager. This is an in-depth look at the implementation of the Linux VM, with extensive code walk-through. Indispensable reference for the fledgling VM hacker. It is also available for free on net.

More to come…

new Linux Kernel blog

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I have a new blog at work, dedicated to the Linux Kernel and part of some e-learning initiative. Since this blog has been rather quiet lately, and I’m fairly fond of killing n birds (where n > 1) with one stone, I will be posting here everything non-confidential I post there. You’ve been warned…

Here’s my first entry:

Welcome, gentle reader.

You are reading Muli Ben-Yehuda’s Linux Kernel blog. I assume that if you’re reading this, you know what Linux is, and what a kernel is. I’ve been working on the Linux kernel for a few years now, and I plan to post here material that I’ve found useful. I won’t limit myself to just Linux or just the kernel, but rather plan to cover other interesting OS’s as well as interesting user space material. And yes, I do take users requests – your comments are appreciated!

(I’m not sure if comments are enabled, but you can always mail them to me at

Note that everything posted here that is not IBM confidential will also be posted to my public blog,

Cheers, Muli

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