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October 26, 2004

the simple pleasures in life

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It’s midnight, and I’m sitting on my parents living room couch, waiting for my turn in the shower. We just came back from the Lichi thai / japanese restaurant, where we’ve spent a fun-filled evening with Gilad, his coworker Polo (whome Gilad calls by a different part of his names), guy, Oleg and Tzafrir. Much fun was had.

The evening started with Gilad giving a talk to Haifux on the Astrisk open source PBX system. It was a pleasure to hear a Haifux talk on a subject I know nothing about. The subject itself is not the most interesting to me, but Gilad is a very good speaker, and the talk went very well.

When the talk ended, I reached for my cellphone to call Oleg, who was burning the evening oil at the office, to come and join us for dinner. There was a message waiting. From our land lord. Calling to say that water was flooding the apartment of the neighbours right below us, coming from our apartment. The neighbour turned off the water to our apartment. We drove home in a hurry, and discovered that the water heater’s piping broke and flooded select areas of the apartment, not to mention the apartment below us.

We made a few phone calls and someone will come to fix it in the morning. They suggested to come and shut down the water supply to our appartment, as an emergency treatment. Orna could not stop laughing. So until tomorrow at least, we are water-less. Rather than stay home and mop (ha ha, I made a pun) we went to the restaurant, had a great couple of hours, and then stopped at my parents place to shower.

Speaking of the shower – looks like Orna is done, and it’s my turn. The small pleasures in life, e.g. having working water supply…

[Orna edited this entry while I was enjoying the shower. Thanks, Orna!]

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