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October 31, 2004

the daily summary

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Today was:

  • pretty dull at work, many meetings and lectures with far too many
    people who talk too much.

  • pretty good at home, where I actually studied some Computability
    (yay for Goedel numbers and Universal Turing Machines!) and had dinner
    with Orna.

  • not much hacking, but I did get around to testing that trident
    still works with 2.6.9. Amazingly enough, it does. This is the driver
    that just keeps on going. As soon as I post this, I’ll play a bit with
    movitz. Trying to decide what to do with it. Implement rudimentary
    multi tasking support (i.e. context switch)?

  • didn’t make it to the gym, but I did exercise at home, in front
    of the Last Samurai (yet another inspirational movie in my arsenal of
    inspirational movies) . I’ll be at the gym tomorrow morning.

All in all – a good day. I want more days like this!

Donald E. Knuth, Computer Programming as an Art.

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Tonight’s reading is Donald
E. Knuth’s
lecture, Computer Programming as an Art.

“Therefore I want to address my closing remarks to the system
programmers and the machine designers who produce the systems that the
rest of us must work with. Please, give us tools that are a pleasure
to use, especially for our routine assignments, instead of providing
something we have to fight with. Please give us tools that encourage
us to write better programs, by enhancing our pleasure when we do so.”

Words to live by. I have rarely heard a better elucidated reason to
use free software.

serendipitous weekend

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’twas a serendipitous, domesticated weekend. A fun weekend, by any measure. We spent Friday at home, cleaning in between bouts of watching the final chapters in the 3rd season of 24 (or was it the other way around?), Orna cooked delicious meals, and all was fine at Casa Orna & Muli.

On Saturday, we had lunch at Orna’s parents, and visited my grandparents in the evening (something we don’t do nearly often enough). They showed us their wedding album, which took place approximately 50 years ago. Incredible. Orna’s parents gave us two book cases, which we put in the living room, and immediately set about filling with books. We are now at the most unnatural state of having more book shelves than books. I immediately set out to rectify the situation by shopping first at thinkgeek (actually, I was looking for a coffee mug there) and then at amazon. Thinkgeek refused to accept all three of our credit cards due to some unknown yet consistent screwup at their credit card provider. It should not be this hard for me to give you my hard earned money, damnit! (still, I want the stuff enough that I’ll actually call customer service on Monday and attempt to order by phone).

On amazon, I bought volumes three and four of James Newman’s World of Mathematics, and Hawking’s On the Shoulder of Giants.

I went to bed reading Bertrand Russell’s My Mental Development, and fell asleep just before my brain exploded.

This morning started with a great gym workout, the first of two today. This one was aerobic, the second one, together with Orna in the evening, will be weights training. I’m looking forward to it.

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