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December 16, 2005

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I was looking for something on google recently, and one of the results was my old advogato diary. I was much more prolific, if prosaic, at the time. Today I did $FOO, yesterday I did $BAR, next week I’ll be doing $BUNCH_OF_STUFF. I think I’d like to re-experiment with that style of blogging again for a while.

So… Wednesday, Thursday – military reserve duty, then home to catch up on work, satisfy the latest addiction (we have the first season on DVD and the fifth season is on every night on hallmark; we’re at least residents by now, if not attending) and sleep.

Today was gym in the morning (woot! thank you ladypine for dragging me!) and then “thinking on my back with my eyes closed” until a couple of hours ago. We’re supposed to be at the Rabkin’s in 20 minutes, so I better post this and jet!

(next post: my exciting plans for next week. Stay tuned!)

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  1. Yay gym!!! w00t!!!

    Comment by omerm — December 17, 2005 @ 8:08 AM | Reply

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