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December 27, 2005

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One of the reasons I write this journal is that sometimes the days just seem to slip by. Every day I run around, all busy-beaver-like, filled with a sense of Getting Things Done. Then a week goes by, and I have no idea what it was that I Got Done.

Weekend – lots of family obligations. A memorial service for my grandmother’s brother Pascu, and lunch at Orna’s parents with my parents.

Sunday – theoretically I was on vacation, but I did head into work for a brainstorming session on a new community project with my old alma mater. More details when we go public with it. Also had a short conversation with Andi Kleen with regards to the dmaops patch, which he substantially revised. I like his version much better and will continue future work on top of it. A copy of his revised patch is available at dma-mapping-ops-K7.

Monday – into the office again (vacation? what’s that?) for a bunch of meetings, albeit of the interesting kind, where we sit around a table, nursing our cups of coffee and argue about the right way to build the system. For hours at a time. This is exhausting, but also satisfying as you see the system take shape in your mind’s eye. The only thing I don’t like about this process is that sometimes the design is not fueled by an actual concrete prototype implementation. This can’t be helped when you’re designing hardware (which we are, to an extent), but for software, it’s inexcusable.

Lunch is ready, more later.

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