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June 7, 2003

Ode to a Missing Beard

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Once upon a time, I had a beard

It wasn’t much
It wasn’t full enough, a little patchy
Like the fur a mangy stray dog
But it was mine

It shielded me from the cruel world
It lent me an air of matureness
It was a barrier
And it was mine

Then, one day, woe be to the beard
Due to reasons that shall not be disclosed
It was snipped, and trimmed, and shaved
And it was no longer mine
I was naked!

Then, experimentation began
Searching for the lost beard
Smoothly shaved, mustache, goatee, sideburns
I tried them all – none fit
You see, none of them were mine

Come back, beard!

Muli the shaven.

uploaded user picture

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Uploaded a user pic. I don’t have many pictures, and even less that I like. This one is kind of nice, though. The original can be found here:, showing the venerable Ira Abramov and me.

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