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June 14, 2003

Linux kernel

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2.4.21 is out, and I have a small patch in, to fix a couple of netfilter memory leaks in the error path. So what?

Weekend In Progress

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Yesterday, friday, was pretty miserable. I had the last “Automata and Formal Languages” lesson in the morning, which was a review before the exam. Unfortunately, the teacher couldn’t solve the most interesting questions from real exams… nothing like that to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Yesterday (or the day before? the river of time flows and I no longer rememebr) I finished reading Jourdain‘s essay in the World of Mathematics, on The Nature of Mathematics. I have to admit it was quite a struggle to get through, Jourdain puts great emphasis on notation and its meaning, which is completely obvious to a modern day reader. Now I’m reading the second essay, Herbert Western Turnbull’s The Great Mathematicians.

The plan for today includes lunch, a work out, a BBQ at Orna’s parents in the afternoon and a showing of Fight Club in the evening to a select group of friends. All attending will finally have a chance to taste nyh’s legendary Chilli!

backlog – Thursday

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Made a nice and welcome breakthrough with my current project, and immediately started working on the next logical step (can’t say much more here, as it’s all very much IBM confidential. Sucks, but that’s life). Listened to a interesting distributed systems seminar by Richard Golding, from IBM Almaden, on A Survivable, Scalable Distributed Storage System.

In the evening, had a pretty good work out, and then headed back to work for another conference call, scheduled 2200-2300. The joys of collaborating across the globe.

backlog – Wednesday

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Had a weight watchers meeting in the evening where I found I lost 3.5kgs this week. Woohoo! That’s a total of 6.5 so far.

After the weight watchers meeting, Orna and I went for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Spargo. Orna decided that maybe she would like to go with me to OLS after all.

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