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June 14, 2003

Weekend In Progress

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Yesterday, friday, was pretty miserable. I had the last “Automata and Formal Languages” lesson in the morning, which was a review before the exam. Unfortunately, the teacher couldn’t solve the most interesting questions from real exams… nothing like that to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Yesterday (or the day before? the river of time flows and I no longer rememebr) I finished reading Jourdain‘s essay in the World of Mathematics, on The Nature of Mathematics. I have to admit it was quite a struggle to get through, Jourdain puts great emphasis on notation and its meaning, which is completely obvious to a modern day reader. Now I’m reading the second essay, Herbert Western Turnbull’s The Great Mathematicians.

The plan for today includes lunch, a work out, a BBQ at Orna’s parents in the afternoon and a showing of Fight Club in the evening to a select group of friends. All attending will finally have a chance to taste nyh’s legendary Chilli!

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