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June 23, 2003

Linux kernel project ideas

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1. shared page tables support, based on Dave McCracken’s work. wli is planning to do it, question is, can I do it sooner?

2. remove the big kernel lock from trident.c.

3. continue ongoing work with “don’t let slab caches grow beyond a given size”, and sysfsication of slab caches.

More ideas welcome…

Linux kernel patches in flight

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One patch to fix a memory leak on an error path in tpam_queues.c made it into the just release 2.5.73 kernel, via the ISDN maintainer. The same fix should also show up in the next 2.4-pre kernel, via the same route.

I sent another patch to Marcelo, the 2.4 maintainer, to fix a b0rked configuration dependency between CONFIG_SOUND_TRIDENT and CONFIG_INPUT_PCIGAME. No response yet, neither from him nor on linux-kernel, but no bk commit has happened since then, so the jury is still out.

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