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May 1, 2004

Tikotin Museum trip in pictures

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from yrk, Orna, Ron Artstein, his wife Nancy
and me went to visit the Tikotin Japanese
today, especially their Japanese swords exhibit.

front of the Tikotin Museum building

After the museum visit, which was reasonably interesting (I didn’t
really expect them to make it really interesting and let us wield
swords, but one can hope…) we went for lunch at an annoyingly yuppy
restaurant (The Gyraffe, good food, though) and then for a walk on Yeffe Nof
(“pretty view”) street.

pretty pictures

view from Yeffe Nof street

You can see the rest of the
pictures from today
on my photo gallery pages.

rubber ducky (proof)

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Yup, it works

my rubber ducky (the camera works)

the latest toy

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So, we bought a digital camera, a Minolta DIMAGE Z1, to be precise. We went walking on the sea shore yesterday afternoon, and I practiced taking photos of various things, alas, I deleted all of them accidentally when we got home. “Delete all frames” does not mean “delete all frames in this movie”, but rather delete all pictures from the flash. Oh well.

So the camera works, and quite well. It’s lots of fun, too. The next step is offloading pictures off of it to hydra, the faithful Linux laptop, and that is what I’ll do right now.

googlinux, indeed

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evan has an interesting entry here, wherein he quotes Ullman (yes, *that* Ullman) saying that he “urged the company to acquire or team up with a Linux desktop company so Google can extend search to information stored on the computer”. googling your computer makes a lot of sense – I rarely bother to keep local copies of anything I got off the web – it’s easier to remember the keywords I used to find it on google than remember which local machine I stored it on, and where.

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