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May 17, 2004

PNS day 9 and assorted musings

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Last evening Orna and me went to an Italian restaurant. The food was a lot more oily than I expected, but Orna says it’s good oil, and the scales this morning tell me that no harm was done.

Morning workout this morning was so-so. I ate a small sandwich 30 minutes before the workout (bad idea), and my stomach was rather upset at first. Did weights first, and didn’t manage to sustain the usual intensity level. Cross training was fine, though.

After I did the cross training, while I was walking around, waiting for my pulse to slow down before doing the abs workout, there was a song by Warp Brothers on the TV. And a terrific thing happened – I really wanted to dance. Two of the things I really miss about being fit are dancing and running. There’s a long hard road to go, but I’ll get there, slowly and surely.

I should buy a gizmo to measure body fat percentage. Scales are treacherous and unreliable. I wonder when I can find one in .il.

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