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May 27, 2004

PNS update (I’ve been bad)

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I’m terribly busy today and haven’t had much time or inclination to blog in the last few days, so this will be sweet and to the point:

– PNS day 16, Monday: felt awful. Broke diet, had a
so-delicious-it-should-be-illegal sandwich, with the appropriate feelings of guilt afterward. Didn’t exercise, Haifux in the evening.
– PNS day 17, Tuesday: didn’t feel so well either, short but annoying
day at work, slept in the evening. No exercise, but no criminal food endeavors either. Killed an LG CDROM drive on gofannon, my test box, courtesy of a grub.conf snafu and Mandrake 9.2 rescue disk.
– PNS day 18, Wednesday: Shavuot holiday. Didn’t exercise, ate too
much cheesecake, but feeling reasonably well.
– PNS day 19, Thursday, today: back to the office, deadlines are
looming and the pressure is mounting. Will make it to the gym at night, hopefully!

All in all, it was bound to happen sometime, the “loosening of the diet”. I gained half a kg since Sunday, which is not nearly as bad as it could’ve been. The important thing now is get back on the horse and continue working out and eating right. PNS training suffered a set back, but that’s life for you. I’ll be stronger next time!

In other news, I finished reading Dan Simmons’s Illium, which is boring until page 500(!), and then suddenly becomes a great read. Simmons is up to his usual tricks though (c.f. Hyperion), and the end is not what I’d call an end – there’s not nearly enough resolution. I see a sequel in the works…

More later.

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