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May 23, 2004

Interesting stuff to read

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SecureOS, stackghost (kerneltrap story).

windows uninstallation party

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Just came back from a windows uninstallation party. We uninstaled windows from nyh’s laptop by the magic of fdisk(1) and mkfs.ext3(1) while wearing party hats and drinking wine in plastic cups. Despite the wine, only the appropriate partitions were deleted. *hic*

I love books

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Two new books arrived for me today: David Mosberger’s ia-64 linux kernel design and implementation, and Mel Gorman’s Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager, where I even appear in the acknowledgments section. Happy happy joy joy!

PNS days 13-15

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Day 13, Friday, went pretty well. First I went to the gym, and had a reasonable but not spectacular workout. I guess I was conserving my energy for what was about to come. Then I had the standard five kms walk back home, which went far better than last week (I think my ankles are getting stronger). I did it in 1:04, as opposed to 1:10 last week. Picked up Orna at home and we went to the pool together. I planned to do 1km (600m and then 400m), but once I got in the water, I felt great and decided to try for 1km without stopping. I did it, and even had enough energy to go on! For the last 4 pools, I matched pace with Orna, who swims like a fish in water. I think I’ll stick to 1km for the time being, but try for a quicker pace. I also need to start working on my side stroke, since it seems to provide a much better work out.

Day 14, Saturday, was a day of rest. After yesterday’s mili-triathlon, my entire body was sore. I just lazied around, slept a lot, and generally recuperated.

Day 15, Sunday, today: lousy work out in the morning. I wanted to start running after the cross training, but the treadmill machines were all taken. Instead I raised the resistance on the cross training machine to 11, and did 30 minutes (28, to be precise) with a pulse of 150-160. 495 kcals burned, which is a new record. Then I had no strength left for the weights, and had to lower the weight on some of the machines from my usual weight. I think it was a good move in general, because my form while doing weights wasn’t up to standard recently. That’s a sure sign of too much weight, and it’s better to reduce the weight and do the exercise with the right form.

Speaking of weight, I am down 1.8kgs for the last week, which brings me down to a total of 6.4kgs since starting. At this rate, I’ll hit the pretty significant milestone of 10kgs in two weeks!

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