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February 1, 2004

weekend musings

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Hacking on shpte (shared page tables) now, after a long hiatus. Tonight’s loot is a brute-force forward port to 2.6.2-rc1, running under UML. Surprisingly enough, it boots and runs userspace with Tom’s rootboot root file system. I’ll try the debian root filesystem tomorrow, and then give it a spin on real hardware. Last time I worked on it, it didn’t even boot (l)userspace, so this is progress, of sorts.

Playing with orkut is fun, especially as new people I know keep joining. Two very useful features would be the ability to see when your friends add new friends (because many times friends of your friends are your friends as well – got that, Joe?) and the ability to see people’s RSS feeds. Because orkut to me is all about putting real people behind names, and what better way to get to know someone than read what they have to say? I better send this to feedback@orkut, me’thinks.

I finished reading rml’s Linux Kernel Development book. Overall, I liked it very much. It’s a great introduction, and I constantly recommend it to people who want to start kernel hacking. I do have a couple of nits to pick, mostly to do with the fact that it is overly simplistic at times and doesn’t mention the underline complexity of things. Kernel hacking is fun, true, but it’s also hard. Also, several of the structures had “comments” added to them which weren’t particularly instructive. Other than that, rock on, rml!

Ranny, ladypine’s officemate and our friend, went to the U.S. a couple of weeks ago to work with his thesis advisor who’s on a sabbatical. I gave him tea, the faithful thinkpad R30 laptop that serves as my main kernel crash box usually, for the trip. Today he stopped by and dropped off tea. He also brought me a bottle of 15 year old Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish 15-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Tasted marvelous. Thanks, Ranny, and cheers!

Plans for next week: on Sunday and Monday Paul McKenney is visiting IBM HRL, on Monday evening choo will give Haifux the second part of an introductory talk talk on Linux drivers that I should attend, on Thursday there’s the developers meeting that Shachar is hosting in Herzliya, that I should attend as well. Also the usual stuff, work, study, hack, bla bla. Life is good 🙂

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