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February 16, 2004

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Hamakor yearly assembly

Yesterday evening Orna and me attended the first yearly meeting
of Hamakor. It took
place at TAU, and there were about 20 people in attendance. The
agenda included a short summary by gby delivered in his usual
entertaining style, short speeches by whoever was interested in
speaking during which I tuned out and worked on ljablog.el, and election of a new board of directors and
committee. After the meeting we went to an
excellent restaurant called “To The Bone”, and much fun was

The new board is made of Nadav Har’El, Alon Altman
and Ori
. Somehow I found myself elected to the comptrollers
committee, along with former board member Shachar Shemesh and Adir
Abraham. I wish the new board members the best of luck, and look
forward to their efforts in the upcoming year.

There were a few unpleasant moments during the meeting and
afterward, though. Some of the people in attendance grate on my
nerves whenever I meet them, and I was too polite to tell them
to just fuck off already. I have little patience for
people who won’t let the speaker finish what he’s saying before
jumping in with an asinine question or proclamation, or who are
self proclaimed experts, and both kinds were well represented

elisp, how I love thee

Spent large parts of the day today playing with xemacs and
elisp. I looked for an xemacs TODO mode, and settled on a
customized todoo.el,
after checking out todo-mode.el. planner.el
also looks promising, but will require some time to learn in
depth. I also worked some more on ljablog.el,
converting it to use structures for the different blogs it
supports. I think I’m reading elisp fluently now, at least when
macros aren’t involved. As a matter of fact, I should post this
now and go continue reading Paul Graham‘s ANSI Common

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