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February 20, 2004

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all userspace and no kernel makes Muli a dull boy

There’s this project at work, let’s call it Whale, that I’m
working on at the moment. That project is Strategic, and
Important. The tasks that I’m working on require significant
Linux expertise. However, they are all userspace tasks,
with nary a kernel code line in sight. For an aspiring kernel
hacker such as yours truly, that is, to put it mildly, “not
optimal”. On-going efforts to move to another project where it’s
all kernel and no luserspace, are meeting stiff resistance. This
is despite past promises to the contrary, and it makes me very
unhappy. Watch this space for updates.

show me the code

There’s this Telux
talk on Sunday. The talk is titled “The Open Source Development
Model”. It’s going to be given by Ori Idan
and Shoshannah Forbes. I find
it curious that neither of the speakers appear to have done any
significant open source development – especially considering the
work done by some of the other Telux members.

Now, don’t get me wrong, documentation is important, and so is
evangelism and helping new users, and any other non-development
task. But none of them compare, IMNSHO, to actually putting in
the effort and writing code. The code is the foundation that
everything else is built on. Without the code, neither
documentation nor evangelism would make any difference.

edit: Shoshannah wrote to let me know that the talk is titled “OpenSource for Non-Developers”, which certainly puts everything in a different perspective. I stand by my original comments in general, but they obviously do not apply in thic case.

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