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February 26, 2004

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Dan Aloni, of coLinux fame, will be
visiting me at HRL on
Sunday and giving a talk on coLinux. I look forward to meeting
Dan again and learning more about coLinux.

As you may recall, gentle reader
, I have been somewhat
unsatisfied with my job situation lately. Specifically, the lack
of anything resembling kernel hacking in the embedded Linux
project I was working on. Well, as of today, I split my time
between the previously mentioned embedded Linux project, and a
new, cool, exteremely interesting, innovative and challenging
project, that has lots of kernel love. I am truly excited about
this. As a matter of fact, /me does the happy happy joy joy
dance. I also have the chance to work directly once again with
my good pal Oleg
, which makes me doubly happy.

I commited a small patch to
syscalltrack today which users have been asking for, which
allows you to see a
timestamp for each rule
. Amongst other things, it gives one
a pretty accurate indication of how a given syscall takes,
assuming a non-preemptive kernel and adding in the syscalltrack

A couple of interesting links that landed my way: IRC Images, shows images that
have been /topic on IRC lately (content about as low-brow as one
would expect from IRC) (via jwz), and Movitz: A Common
Lisp OS development platform
(via xach).

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