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February 24, 2004

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Working on an embedded Linux system is making me treat
everything I think I know with suspicion. It makes me
re-validate old assumptions. Memory and storage footprints of
common system utilities, behavior under heavy load, the cost of the various
kind of context switches, kernel behavior under adverse
conditions, debuggability, self stabilization, etc. There are
many areas for improvement.

Yesterday evening Oron
gave a Haifux
talk on Advanced
. The lecture was great, and we also had a special
guest from Italy at the club meeting, Marco Bodrato.

A few weeks ago, Marco emailed me after he found my GPG key on
. is a website for coordinating
key signings, and since Marco was planning to visit Israel, he
wanted to see if we could meet and sign each other’s keys. We
exchanged a few emails, and then Orna and I invited Marco to the
weekly Haifux meeting, to be followed by an impromptu key
signing party and one of the world famous Haifux dinners.

Thus, after Oron’s lecture we went out to Spargo and had a
delicious dinner. There were about ten people in attendance,
including a few new faces, and the talk ranged from the slightly
to the incredibly geeky. As usual, fun was had all around, and
the wine didn’t hurt, either. After dinner I drove Marco to
Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot
, and then drove home. Retired to
bed at 3 AM to continue reading about the Common
Lisp Object System

Today I barely dragged myself out of bed at 10 AM and went to
work. There were two talks scheduled for today, the first by
Yehuda Lindel from IBM Watson on
The Security of Protocols in Modern Network Settings
was interesting but too theretical for my not-quite-awake-yet
state at the time, and the other by Nadav Har’El on
Web Automation with libwww-perl, which was excellent.

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