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May 6, 2004


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Terribly unmotivated; I have a deadline tonight and am making not nearly enough progress to get out of here at a reasonable hour.

Thinking about the space limitations of Linux’s vmalloc implementation, I’m pondering whether it’s feasible and worth it to give vmalloc its own address space. Might be an interesting exercise, anyway.

Oron Peled has released a massive set of over 200 slides on The Linux Kernel and Device Drivers, including source. Having written quite a few slides in the past myself, I am in awe of the effort this must’ve taken. I sent Oron a bunch of comments and fixes to the previous version of the slides; I need to go over these as well.


  1. Amazing stuff !
    Itching to add more to this stuff – block layer, examples and
    I shall use this as a starting point for preparing a 2.6 drivers
    doc (for personal, academic use and obeying the sharealike licensing 🙂
    Thanks …

    Comment by jnagal — May 6, 2004 @ 10:23 PM | Reply

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