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May 15, 2004

PNS day 6 in retrospect, today and next week forward looking

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Day 6, yesterday, went quite well (better than I expected, anyway…). I did a three hour combind gym-walk-swim workout. First, Orna gave me a ride to the gym at work, where I started with 30 minutes of cross trainer, followed by the usual bunch of weights and abs (elaborated upon below). After I finished the gym workout, I walked 5 kms to the pool, picking up Orna at home along the way. At the pool I swam 1 km (200m-200m-200m-400m) (Orna swam 1.5 *envy*), and then we walked back home. By the time we got home, I was dead on my feet. We cooked lunch, watched the first chapter of the Season I DVD of the Sopranos, and then blessed sleep…

Day 7, today, is dedicated to recuperating. No strenuous exercise of any kind, except possibly the homely kinds.

Day 8, tomorrow, will be gym in the morning. It will also be the day of the official weekly weighing, which I’m somewhat dreading. So far I’ve lost 4.7 kgs since starting, 1.7 of which are from last week. Looking at it that way… that’s not too bad at all! I just need to keep things in check today – weekends are always the hardest days to eat right.

The plans for next week are gym on Sunday and Monday, and then Tuesday-Thursday I’m going to be on reserve duty again. Optimally, I’ll do pool or gym in the morning, and then the other in the evening, but that’s highly unlikely to happen due to scheduling constraints. I’ll just have to do my best. Food is another thorny issue, as army food … leaves something to be desired in the nutritious dept. Possible solutions are bringing food from home (not convenient logistically) or going for long lunches in Herzliya (most likely solution).

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