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May 30, 2004

Random updates

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We spent the weekend at the dead sea. Sucky hotel, but incredible weekend. Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as the camera’s batteries finish recharging.

Orna bought me a bottle of 15 year old Glenlivet. yrk, want to give it a try some time?

PNS training has been postponed for pretty much all of last week. It resumes today.

We are going to see my former flat mate Nadav play in a play today.

I will be attending an Advanced CPP course at work today. I used to work quite a lot with CPP in the Pointer era, and have an interesting love/hate relationship with it.

I woke up far too early today. That is all.


  1. You kidding? Free booze is fine by me anytime.

    Comment by yrk — May 30, 2004 @ 4:42 AM | Reply

    • great. I’ll be in touch later this week.

      Comment by mulix — May 30, 2004 @ 4:52 AM | Reply

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